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NHS & Private Orthodontic Services

Align your teeth for that winning smile!

In partnership with Alpha Dental Studio, Windmill Orthodontics, offer a wide choice of orthodontic treatments  and appliances (braces) for patients of all ages from our practices in Bedale and Acomb in York.


Did you know that anyone can benefit from orthodontic treatment?

We offer NHS orthodontic treatment to children under 18 and offer private options for those who do not qualify and for adults.

We provide a high standard of treatment in a relaxed and caring environment. Our orthodontic specialists are supported by our qualified and caring team who will ensure that you experience excellent patient care.

Call today to book your consultation on 0844 387 2000.

Refer yourself for an appointment

You can now refer yourself for orthodontic treatment. By clicking the above link you can enter your details and our treatment coordinator will be in touch to arrange an assessment.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the study of dentistry that is concerned with the treatment of improper bites, and crooked teeth.

Treatment to straighten your teeth can be carried out for aesthetic reasons, to improve the appearance of your teeth, your bite and ultimately your smile, transforming your overall appearance.

NHS orthodontic treatment is offered to children aged under 18.  Private orthodontic treatment is available to all ages and provides patients with the opportunity to receive the best possible treatment, using the very latest techniques.

Why Alpha Windmill partnership?

With no waiting list, treatment can begin almost immediately.

  • High quality treatments by our experienced, specialist Orthodontist
  • Comfortable and caring environment
  • Increased treatment choices including;
  1. High technology braces for faster treatment and extra comfort
  2. The very latest aesthetic braces
  3. Thorough and flexible appointments

Is Orthodontic treatment for me?

Whether you have crowded or gappy teeth, upper front teeth that stick out, or you may find the way your upper and lower jaws meet leads to an incorrect bite, if your teeth and gums are healthy, then braces can be used to straighten your teeth.

In the past, many younger patients undertake orthodontic treatment however; it is more common that adults are too enjoying the long-term benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Rest assured, your orthodontist at Alpha Dental Studio will present a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and will explain in detail so that you fully understand the implications of your decision.

What are the types of braces?

Orthodontic treatment usually involves wearing a brace (appliance) either fixed or removable, which puts gentle pressure on specific teeth to move them into the right place and usually takes one to two years, depending on the severity of the problem.

During this period, your orthodontist will need to monitor you closely and make adjustments to the brace.

Fixed Braces

The more commonly used fixed braces are made up of bands and brackets that are stuck onto each tooth with straightening wires running between the various attachments with the teeth being moved with elastics.

At Alpha Windmill partnership we offer white or tooth coloured braces, which are the more discrete option.

The most invisible of all fixed braces are Lingual braces, which are fitted on the inside of the teeth and cannot be seen when you smile.

In teenagers, a special type of removable brace known as a ‘Functional brace’ may be used to try and improve the growth of the jaws and teeth.

Removable Braces

Removable braces can be removed for cleaning where as fixed braces will be fixed to the teeth during the time of treatment.

We offer The ClearStep© System of removable braces.

This system is a way to achieve your winning smile invisibly. Comprising of a number of different invisible retainers that we use in conjunction with clear positioners, the system gently moves your teeth to the desired position. Further information on this method of orthodontics can be found on Windmill orthodontics our website or by calling the practice on 0844 387 2000.

What can I expect following orthodontic treatment?

Once you have completed your course of treatment you will feel transformed with a smile that you have always wanted.

Following treatment, it is possible for the teeth to stay aligned without regular retainer wear, however patients will typically wear removable retainers, which maintain your teeth in their improved position. These are generally worn full-time for a short period, then part-time, perhaps on nighttime during sleep, for as long as your orthodontist recommends.

Private Orthodontics Price List (prices from)

Consultation £100.00 includes:  Exam, study models, photographs and OPT if necessary.

Metal Fixed

Single arch £ 1,300.00

2 arch £ 2,200.00

Ceramic Clarity

Single arch £ 2,100.00

2 arch £ 3,500.00


Single arch £ 4,200.00

2 arch £ 7,000.00

Replacement removable retainers  from £100.00 per arch

Repair of bonded retainer £150.00

Under 18 private Orthodontics £1,200.00 (for those who don’t qualify for NHS treatment)

Payment options are available via direct debit and single payment discounts are also available.

All of the above includes fixed adjust visits and fitted retainers with a 3/12 retainer review.

Meet our Orthodontics Team

Dr Ross Hobson
(Ceramic/ tooth coloured braces; Lingual braces; Aligners; Hypodontia and Ectopic Teeth) 

BDS (Newcastle)
MDS (Newcastle)
PhD (Newcastle)
FDS RCPS (Glasgow)
FDS RCS (Edinburgh)
FDS RCS (England)
MDOrth RCS (Glasgow)


(G.D.C. Registration number: 58981)

Specialist Orthodontist, Ross Hobson first qualified as a dentist in Newcastle 1984 specialises in Orthodontics. Determined to be a academic orthodontist he undertook house jobs in Birmingham and Newcastle and became junior lecturer in Oral biology for two years gaining his Masters in Dental Surgery (MDS) degree.

Spending time in Glasgow and Dundee, Ross gained a Fellowship in Dental Surgery (FDS) and passed his MOrth examination before returning to Newcastle as Lecturer in Orthodontics in 1992.

He was promoted to Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant and became head of Child Dental Health and Degree Programme Director for the MSc course in Orthodontics until April 2009.

In 2000, he founded the first private only specialist orthodontic practice in the North of England and is the owner and driver of the development of the Windmill Dental Suite, the North of England’s first private specialist referral centre

In 2010, Windmill Orthodontics, a group of specialist practices across the North of England with sites in Carlisle, Gateshead, Penrith, Newcastle were opened and in 2011, working together with Alpha Dental Studio, Bedale offers Orthodonitic treatment in North Yorkshire.

Wendy Rayner BChD (Leeds) MFDS RCPS (Glasgow)  MDentSci (Leeds)  MOrth RCPS (Glasgow)

Specialist Orthodontist

(G.D.C. Registration number: 74459)

Say Mei Lim BDS (London) MClin.Dent. (Sheffield) DOrth (RCS London)  MOrth (RCS London)

Specialist Orthodontist

(G.D.C. Registration number: 60863)

Margaret Conway BChD (Leeds) MFDS RCPS (Glasgow) MDentSci (Leeds) MOrth RCS (England)

Specialist Orthodontist

(G.D.C registration number: 74435)


Support Team (York)

Joleen Norfolk – Practice Manager and Dental Nurse (G.D.C registration number: 247247)

Nicole Beattie – Dental Nurse (G.D.C registration number: 163891)

Rebecca Layton – Dental Nurse & Radiography Nurse (G.D.C registration number: 188554)


Support Team (Bedale)

Bev Cox
Practice Manager
GDC – 156575

Annette Clarkson
Head Orthodontic Nurse
GDC – 162874

Alicia Salt
Orthodontic Nurse
GDC – 221761


Referring Dentists

If you have any patients who require orthodontic treatment, the referral process is quick and easy, all we need is a completed referral form sending to us either by email or post.

For Windmill Orthodontics @ Alpha Dental Studio, Mawson House, Bedale please email Bev Cox at

For Windmill Orthodontics Almsford house, York,  please email Joleen Norfolk at

Further information on our service can be found at

For referral information or to refer online please visit